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Viernes Magazine

Mercurio Dairy

October 2017. Santiago, Chile

Inside a suitcase, as if it were the stage of a great theater, the actress Ignacia Durand moves her marionettes - which she herself handcrafted with ceramics and fabric - to interpret great classics in medieval scenography with incredible handmade outfits. The first time I saw her version of "Hansel and Gretel" I faced personal prejudices about the world of  marionettes. "This is for kids," I said. But the next  twenty minutes I had an incredible time. The treatment of the narrative and the versatile handling of each of the characters made me enjoy and monopolized my attention with a hundred percent, with a story that children will love and that has small and funny winks towards the adult audience. 

Juan Cruz, Journalist.

Vanidades Magazine

June 2017. Santiago, Chile

f you need an original and creative activity for birthdays, events or schools, this idea can help you. This is the interesting project “Teatro en una Maleta” (Theater in a Suitcase), made by the actress Ignacia Durand, which consists of theater performances with marionettes inside a suitcase. It is aimed for all ages and has narratives with a deep and reflective message.

the mind behind theater in a suitcase

full interview

Two years ago this actress thought, designed and made different marionettes with which she could tell stories designed for a family audience.

Ignacia Durand mit ihrem “Teatro en una Maleta” präsentiert zwei Stücke im Puppentheater-Museum Berlin, Karl-Marx-Straße 135, 12043 Berlin. U Bahn: U7. Karl-Marx-Straße.

Since November 2016, Durand has performed different shows in theaters, schools, and cultural centers, both within Chile, as well as in Spain and Germany.

Teatro en una maleta

Children's Day

On this day of the child come to enjoy Theater in a suitcase.

The invited artist Ignacia Durand will present a small format work with puppets for the 3rd and 4th years of the Roberto Matta de Quillota art school.

It consists of versions of children's literature classics, plus traditional Chilean stories, played by marionettes inside a suitcase.

"Dornröschen", Version of Charles Perrault's traditional tale by Teatro en una Maleta.

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