Ignacia Durand Quiroga .  Chilean- Italian (34).

Actress, Master´s Degree in Theater Education.  Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile.

The actress has developed her work both in acting and in education. She has worked as an actress and a theater teacher since 2009 in Chile. In 2015 she traveled to Berlin, Deutschland.  She attended  marionettes  workshops and performed works in that field. In 2016 she created the solo theater project; “TEATRO EN UNA MALETA”.  With 6 different marionettes plays in  Spanish, Deutsch and English, she has toured several cities in Latin America and Europe. The plays are aimed towards schools, theaters, cultural centers, corporate and municipal events, festivals, among others. In 2019 she toured Europe performing in various cultural centers across Madrid, Spain and Berlin, Deutschland. In addition to a performing season at the “Matucana 100, Cultural Center” in Chile. Actually  based in Berlin, Deutschland. Performing permanently at the Puppentheater- Museum, Berlin.

The marionettes and the entire set design were handcrafted by the actress, who also performs the live voices on every play.

about the actress

Teatro en una maleta